City Clerks Office City Clerk's Office

In addition to having responsibility for taking minutes for all regular City Council meetings and standing council committee meetings, the City Clerk and staff coordinate bid openings, prepare and disseminate the quarterly newsletter and provides a number of other services for the public. The City Clerk also has the responsibility of records management for the City.

    Services Available at the City Clerk's Office
  • New Resident Information
  • Voters Registration
  • Handicapped Parking Cards
  • Recycling Containers
  • Garage Sale Permits
  • Notary Public Service (no charge)
  • The RTA Reduced Fare Permit
  • Information on all City Ordinances and Codes
  • All documents & permits can be found in the document resource section of our website.
    If you need more information please Contact us at
  • 815.363.2100

Also, if you cannot find what you are looking for here click on this link to the Finance Department and Customer Service. Many of the day to day customer service items are managed by that department.

Garage Sales

The City of McHenry requires that permits must be obtained for all garage sales to be held within the City limits of McHenry. This also includes yard sales, rummage sale, basement sales, moving sales, estate sales, etc. Applications and permits may be obtained at City Hall in the City Clerk's office or you may use the form found below. Upon approval, a garage sale permit card will be provided.

Block Parties

Block Parties are popular during the warmer months. They provide a means for neighborhoods to become better acquainted. The City Clerk's Office has created an application form to assist you in securing Council permission to temporarily close a street for a block party. Please note, as this requires Council action, it is important to submit your application at least 30 days prior to the party.


Bonfires held in the city require special permits. Restrictions and regulations are contained on the application located on the Application provided below.

Handicap Cards

State of Illinois temporary handicap cards are available at the City Clerk's office. Come in to pickup the application & have your doctor fill it out. The cards are good for 3 months and cost $5.00. If an extension is needed, additional cards are $2.00. If the disability is a permanent condition the same form can be mailed to the Secretary of State office in Springfield, and they will mail your card.

If you have questions regarding permanent handicap cards you can reach the Secretary of States office at 1-800-252-8980

This permit allows senior citizens and persons with disabilities to ride all RTA services at a reduced rate. these services include CTA buses and rapid transit, PACE buses and METRA trains.

If you are disabled, you may stop in and pick up an application for your doctor to fill out and send by mail.

Senior citizens can apply at the City Clerk's office, and the card will be mailed to you. Please bring your drivers license, state ID or passport and one 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" color photo with you.

Freedom of Information

Persons desiring to obtain copies of public records may do so by submitting in writing the appropriate request form and paying all associated duplication costs.

Once the FOIA Officer has received your request, they have 5 business days to respond on most requests and will contact you when the information is ready.  The FOIA form is located on the Document Resources page of the website.

Notary Service

The City of McHenry has notary service available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm at no charge.

Open Meetings Act Required Publication